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Lipstick and Locks

Fallen Angels

Jenni 💕

The name of a person we never thought we would be saying goodbye to in this lifetime, but here we are. The first time we met Jen was in 2019 when the salon opened the doors for the first time. She was so excited to try out the latest hair & beauty salon, and from the moment she walked in she fell in love…and so did we. Not only was Jen’s presence so huge, but her energy was enough to turn anybody’s day from bad to amazing. As soon as we opened our membership contracts Jen was the first person to sign up, and from that day on never cancelled it. Even through lockdown, Jen insisted on keeping it as she wanted nothing more than to support us through such a tough time, she was the most loyal person we have ever met. Soon enough Jen felt like more than a friend, she felt completely part of the lipstick and locks team. She knew the salon inside and out and on the busiest days would even answer the phone for us as she knew exactly what to do! We later started sharing some incredible memories with Jen, and bloody hell we are so lucky to have them locked in our hearts. Jen would attend our work night outs, our spontaneous salon parties, baby showers etc! Talking of baby showers, on one occasion Jen was in on a surprise baby shower that was being thrown for Kelsey & Chloe. Excited for the day, dressed in the colour scheme Jen rocked up…A whole week early! 🤣 Kelsey was in the salon doing Anais’ hair on the Sunday before, no makeup, socks & sliders and a completely empty salon. Jen looking glam as anything came in and we had never seen her look so confused…she played it off as if she was going for lunch and came back the following week 🤣 such a Jen thing to do! She was a bloody nightmare with her time keeping, and would often rock up and hour late to her appointments, met with an insult from Ella. She would reply with “Oh dont worry girls i only want a quick jush” 🤣 but somehow we could never be annoyed with her, as the moment she walked in she just made you smile. Jenni, aka wotsit legs always used to have us in stitches as when she had her hair washed she would be so sticky from her fake tan we would have to lay a towel down for her or she’d be stuck to the bloody chair. She really was our biggest fan & supporter, she would always let the girls practice anything they needed to on her, weather it be makeup, blowdries, hair up, colours, ANYTHING! Even when Ella & Tilly decided to perform a duo curly blowdry, and in that one session, had her ear burnt, hair pulled, ear clipped, and according to Jen, it was still “The best day of her life” 🤣 Jen experienced one of the most challenging times of our lives with us - loosing our Maddy. She was there every step of the way, made us feel so validated in our grieving, even whilst grieving herself. Jen came to Maddy’s funeral, and despite it being such an awful experience she always made us smile by taking selfies with Maddy’s pictures in the salon after having her daily “Jush” and would always talk to her, as if she was still right there. If we can take any comfort in Jen’s passing, we can let it be the hope of her & Mads reuniting at the golden gates, our angels. Albeit Jenni being the light of the room, the one to always make us feel better when we were down, always laughing, always being the star of the show (and rightly so) Jen was battling with some very dark demons. She never let on to us how she was truly feeling inside, because she wouldn’t have wanted to think she was burdening us - this is a testimony to how selfless she was. Although we wish that she just spoke to us, and we would have heard her cries and struggles a million times over than ever want to hear the eulogy that we will now have the hear in the next coming weeks. It really is true that the happiest of people seem to be the ones who struggle the most. Jen’s energy will always live on through the salon. During our basement renovation the builders randomly came across two bricks. These are so unique, formed with beautiful flower pattern on them. Abi has chosen to have them put inside the wall, as a little marker of our lost angels - One for our Jenni Flower & One for our angel, Maddy. For Jen, her journey is heartbreakingly over, and whilst we wish we could turn back time and change her passing, we wont ever be able to. For anyone who is battling with their mental health, we urge you to speak. Help is available, you are not a burden. If you find yourself struggling please call the suicide helpline on: 116123 or send an SMS: Text SHOUT to 85258. These people are professionals and will help you get back on the path you need. Jenni Rowan, A one of a kind, unique soul who we will never ever forget. Rest in peace our Angel.

Maddy 💕

One of the hardest pills to swallow when our Maddy grew her angel wings was realising her book had closed, yet there was still so much story to read…you know that one you can’t put down and really don’t want to end? That one.
Maddy joined our team at the age of 14. Whilst still at school she was desperate to get involved in salon life so would often come for a few hours in the evenings to help out. Weather that be washing hair, making tea, no job was ever to much for Mads.
It’s really hard to believe that our first working day with Mads she was so quiet tucked in the corner of the staff room, we walked straight past her! She had the cheekiest little grin and we just remember her saying a very meek and mild “hi” … well how that quickly changed!
Mads arrived with her beautiful face looking like butter wouldn’t melt, we turned her from a sweet, shy, girl, to a lipstick & locks rascal!!
As the days went on, we peeled away each layer of shyness and she became the funniest, sassiest, most sociable butterfly you ever did see.
From going out out on her fake ID, to thieving the house plants from Station Road after a bottomless brunch. What a character she’d become.
I think we would all agree the minute she’d turned into a brunette another layer of sass was added to the mix, she really was set to conquer the world & take no nonsense From anyone.
Everyone must think we are crazy for saying one of Maddy’s favourite places to be was work, but truly it was. Once college decided she could no longer work 12 hour days she was gutted & said to Megan “Please let me still work them, I won’t tell anyone'. However, following this she began split shifts with Anais, if she was on a 9-3 you best believe most of the time she’d still stay till 9pm. Or if she started at 3pm she’d get there at 9am because she had “college work to do”, when really she just wanted to be with us and my goodness how lucky we are to have spent all those extra seconds with her.
Whatever the weather Maddy would turn up for work, whether she was poorly, hung over, or lost her shoes, this girl would be there. On one occasion she went to a friends party and arrived to work the next morning missing a shoe, so in true L&L style, Abi made her pay the price and she spent half the day in oversized golf shoes, followed by some sheep printed granny slippers - knowing how glamourous Maddy always was you can imagine that was her worst nightmare, but in true Maddy style she owned it for the day.
It really is amazing that at the age of 17 Maddy had created such a name for herself at the salon, and had a full repeat clientele, of whom also became her friends. These people also got to see Maddy burst out of her shell. Maddy went From being nervous and extremely timid, worrying about pulling someone’s hair too hard, to whacking our member Jenny on the head with a hairbrush for not sitting still enough during her blow dry, that girl certainly found her confidence!
No words will ever be enough to describe just how much Maddy truly meant to us. We make a promise to forever keep her dreams alive and fulfill every plan she had made. (Even if that does mean getting our stylist Beth on a paddle board).
Heartbreakingly, somehow we are going to have to have to come to terms with the fact that we can no longer make memories with Mads or see her beautiful, irreplaceable smile. We will have to learn to take comfort from the amazing memories we made they will sit so close to our hearts forever.
We will attend an annual fundraiser in Maddy’s honour, to raise money for ‘CRY’ charity - organised by Kelly & those who loved her dearest . By raising money for this charity it will help towards funding heart screening days to detect any abnormal heart problems within children & adults. If we can help prevent this from happening to anyone else, that is a small positive we can take from all of this.
‘Those special memories of you will always bring a smile, if only we could have you back for just a little while. Then we could sit and talk again, like we all used to do, you always meant so very much, and always will do too. The fact that you’re no longer here will always cause us pain, but you’re forever in our hearts, until we meet again’.
An Angel who truly walked the earth & imprinted so many hearts.

Maddy Beau Campbell 19th April 2004 - 14th September 2021.

Holly 💕

Holly, Hols, huns (as she called everyone) grew her angel wings in December 2023. From the moment you met our girl, you was captivated by her beautiful blue eyes and her kind and caring personality. The more you got to know her the more you couldn't stay away. She'd become a fast friend, she had the best sense of humour and you'd soon learn that she loved a prank, especially when it was a jump scare involving one of the girls! Even if you didn't know what set her off, as soon as you would hear her cackle you couldn't help but laugh along with her, it was so infectious! Holly had many hidden talents and originally done hairdressing and makeup but nails soon became her passion, and it was quite clear that she was destined to be a nail tech! She even had clients coming from different countries! Mostly in the early days, you would be greeted by her darling dog Harley, who often came with her to the salon, he was always with her whenever he could be. Her chair was never empty, whether it be a client or one of the salon girls. She was our friend & confidant and you could always rely on Holly. Whether it was for advice, a rant or a good natter in general, she was there, even more so if it involved a cheeky Asti or pornstar martini! Holly would take time out to help others in the salon, from training new nail techs to help washing a clients hair if we was rushed off our feet. She was also to put it plainly… our parcel queen! She had a parcel delivery daily if not twice daily, it became a regular occurrence to guess what she had ordered and even open it as she was always super busy, sometimes she was even just as surprised. She was due to get married in 2024 to her Jack. They really were the most wonderful of couples, I had never seen her happier and truly content in life than when she was with him. She was so excited, and loved preparing and planning everything down to the tiniest of detail. Like her nails, it was done to the highest level of class, precision & perfection. December was one of her favourite times of the year. She loved nothing more than knowing Christmas was coming up; the lights, the decorations, spending time with her family, it was all so important to her. The love for her nieces & nephews was really something, she just simply adored them as well as the love for her two bengal cats was irreplaceable, they were her babies (she even took them out for walks on a lead). In October of 2023 everyone’s world came crashing down when Holly found out she had bowel cancer, she was shocked but surprisingly positive, but then that was Holly, she always tried to see the positives in life and wouldnt let anyone or anything ruin how she felt. She was ready for the fight, with us all behind her. The following weeks was all a bit of a blur, the salon was oddly quiet without her. Holly then had the blow that it had spread to her liver and would need to start chemotherapy asap! Unfortunately she didn’t even get a chance to start….. We have lost the biggest piece of the heart of our salon. She was one of the most selfless, compassionate, resilient, positive, courageous and generous souls to have blessed us in our lives and everyone who had the pleasure of crossing her path, her memory will live on through us all. We will forever raise a glass to a sister, a friend, a nail queen, a piece of our Lipstick & Locks heart our Hols. 11.02.1990 - 04.12.2023