Lipstick and Locks

Terms and Conditions


Please understand we have clients who are on a  waiting list, of whom would love the to take your space providing you cannot make it. Therefore if it is last minute they/we cannot work to fit them in at such short notice.

If you fail to show up or give us less than 24 hours notice that you wish to cancel you appointment you will be charged 50% of your appointment price.

Making your appointment

Please note appointments cannot be booked via Social Media or via our Website, Due to the high flow of messages some may not be seen.

We also have lots of questions regarding your appointment, which we tailor to your needs, so its much faster to have a chat

Skin tests for hair colouring

At lipstick and locks we have a duty of care to make sure that you are protected in these circumstances. The best way of ensuring that you are allergy free when it comes to hair colouring is to come into our salon 48 hours before the application of hair dye. Here you can have a specific skin test done with the wella colour range we use in the salon. This is without a doubt the safest and most efficient way of detecting any allergies that may cause damage to your skin.